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Getting Started

You may think you do not have much information to begin with but you would be surprised at how small bits of information can add pieces to the puzzle that is your family tree.  A good place to start is to gather any information you may have.  Use this checklist as a guide in collecting information.

  • Full name, date and location of birth of the ancestor(s) you are researching.  Death information if known.
  • Names of spouses and children of the ancestor(s) with as much information about them that you know.
  • Information on the siblings of the ancestor(s) as well as their spouses and children if you know.
  • Locations where your ancestor(s) may have lived during their lifetime.
  • Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates.
  • Obituaries and funeral cards.
  • Diaries, Journals and scrap books.
  • Information from family bibles.
  • Old letters.
  • Any family stories or memories that you may know.  Talk to your family and ask them to provide you with anything they may have or know.

Please do not send originals of any of these documents.  Photo copies are all that is necessary for the research project and the originals are best keep in your care.  You might be surprised at how much you do know once you begin gathering information.

On our Sample Reports page you will find a family group sheet as well as a pedigree chart you can print.  Use these to fill in as much information as you know.

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